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The Authors Speak Live!

If you’re a fan of horror fiction, chances are you’ve stumbled onto the Funky Werepig show.  Greg Hall has been delivering the goods for two years now, and after meeting him over the Horrorfind Weekend, he’s compelled me to take the Authors Speak into a new direction.  Beginning September 25th, the Authors Speak will go live.  We’ll still have reviews, transcribed interviews, book recommendations, promotions, et al, housed here on  We’re just adding a new dimension.

This thing started as “The Authors Speak”, which is a bit of a misnomer.  In actuality, The Authors Speak to me, and you read.  That’s not fair.  I want you to interact with the authors.  I want you to ask the questions.  I want you to be a part of every nuance we have.  After all, we’re here for you.

Weekly, The Authors Speak will be chatting live with our fans and authors at this web address:  The Call-In number is there, and I implore you to tune in Saturdays at 12pm and be a part of the excitement.  Of course, these will be available as podcasts afterwards.  Each week, we’ll feature “The Authors Speak Nooner”, at 12pm (Eastern).  And, every first Friday of the month, we’ll have the Authors Speak Happy Hours, which will feature promotions, exciting news, and exclusive author interviews.  The first two months is a mind meld of bizarro, steampunk, comedy, romance, and Jedi mind tricks.
And who exactly is going to be on with us?  Well, how’s this lineup look to you:
The Diabolical Deacon, Steven Rage; The Funky Werepig himself, Greg Hall; Steampunk Superstar, Felix Gilman; Author of “The Jedi Path“, Daniel Wallace; Mojo Storyteller, Joe R. Lansdale; Zombie Master, S.G. Browne; NY Times Bestselling Author, Patti Callahan Henry; and so many more!
This is an exciting opportunity.  I hope you will accompany me on the journey.  If you will, I make a pledge to give you the goods.  As always, I welcome any and all feedback.  Go ahead, though, and mark your calendars for 9/25/2010 – the “nooner” with Steven Rage, this devilishly handsome motherfucker right here:

 Author of The Place In Between.


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