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‘PHARMACIDE’ by RAGE coming soon … for a ‘sneaky-peek’, look to your LEFT and ye shall see 12 posts for ‘Pharmacide’. Dig it!









Why, you sick little freaks! Trying to catch  Reverend Rage with his pants down. So sorry to dissapoint, but since you’re here anyway, want to see what I’m working on right now? Well, can you imagine a world where Ronald Reagan never left the White House


It looks like Carolyn and Mark are in deep, deep shit

Anxious to launch their new life together, Mark practices medicine at St. Anthony Medical Center and Carolyn works for pharmaceutical giant Hudson-Smythe. They just bought their first home and intend to cultivate their careers and get their family started. But Mark and Carolyn live in an alternate 1989 where Ronald Reagan is on his 4th term as Premier President of the United States of America. The USA has a rigid, long-standing caste system and abortions were never made legal. Being homeless is a crime that is punishable by imprisonment in an internment camp the inmates call Tent City. Most of Mark’s ER patients are inmates at this camp and are victims of a new disease these illegals call the Transient Flu. This deadly and rapidly spreading disease mutates with each new host, collecting information, changing code. The disease evolves lightning quick, spreading like pond ripples and infecting everyone. No one is safe. Mark and Carolyn dig too deep. What they discovered filled them with dread and made Mark and Carolyn wished they didn’t know anything. The implications are catastrophic and the young couple may not even live long enough to regret nosing around. Mark and Carolyn uncovered the brutal truth: Transient Flu was purposely made. It was able to spread throughout the world so quickly because scores of vaccines were purposefully tainted with the virus that causes the Transient Flu. Hudson-Smythe happens to be the only pharmaceutical company that has a proven cure: ViraStat. Hudson-Smythe’s revenues and stock prices skyrocket because without a daily dose of ViraStat, the Transient Flu is one hundred percent fatal. A few early investors, the ones with high flying careers and growing fortunes at stake, hire a professional killer. Hudson-Smythe’s key players discover that their schemes have been found out by Carolyn and Mark. The chain of evidence the young couple uncovered traces the pharmacide back to Hudson-Smythe and must be cut. There must be nothing left to tie the criminals at Hudson-Smythe to the crime of the century. Cost is no object and deadly force is authorized.

Yes. Carolyn and Mark are in deep, deep shit.

“The Love of money is the root of all evil.” -The Good Book

“We are all born to die. In the meantime, make money. Fuck a book.” – DMX

Don’t worry, The Grim Reverend will posts snippets of PHARMACIDE here and often.

The Reverend loves you all to bits and pieces. Dig it!