THE PLACE IN BETWEEN is gross, disgusting, funny, horrific, and disturbing, yet at the same time it’s quite entertaining. Rage writes with his conscience thrown out the window (that is, if he had one to begin with), yet unlike some more extreme stuff I’ve read, he actually knows how to WRITE a story around the grue. I’m keeping my eye on this guy as he truly lives up to his last name.
– Nick Cato

I have this dream you're blowing me...some kisses The Place In Between Reverend Steven Rage  Title: The Place In Between Author: Reverend Steven Rage Released: 01/08/10 Paperback: 240 pages Dimensions: 203 x 127 mm ISBN: 978-0-9805938-3-9Available here: LegumeMan Books is proud to announce the release of Reverend Steven Rage's The Place In Between'.The Place in Bet … Read More

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