Hannah was disgusted by her mother. Hannah knew her mother would have let Terry’s drug dealer rape her, too, if he would have lived long enough. Her mother would have been, Hannah was sure, too frightened to help even her own daughter. The men she couldn’t blame. Her mother constantly gravitated toward the worst of them. Those men simply did the same things all pigs did. But Hannah’s mother let them.
Terry’s drug dealer didn’t touch me though, huh Momma? I took care of that asshole my own damn self.
If Hannah wouldn’t have injected Terry with a lethal measure of heroin while he was already passed out from his normal dose, she would have been next. She heard Terry and the medicine man discussing the disgusting details. Apparently, the two men were going to double-up on Hannah. Her mother was sitting right there, listening to the whole thing. She wouldn’t have lifted a finger to help her daughter, or herself.