Pilate: A Brutal Bible Tale
By Reverend Steven Rage 

Note: This book contains graphic violence, illicit drug use, non-consensual extreme sex, and potentially offensive material given the religious references.
vivid, explicit, inventive and engrossing…with fangs on it!, May 30, 2009

Overall, I found this to be a great, rather grizzly book with a fine grasp of horror, modern culture and even a certain reverence. Rage blatantly gawks at the darker side of our modern world and draws certain biblical parallels…using vampires. He adeptly mixes our current youth venacular with graphic, brutal horror imagery, a respectable dark poetic prose and a decisive intelligence. This is an author I’d like to see more of. The violence, and sex references are raw, explicit and he just holds nothing back. His grasp of the underside of our culture and the drug trade filter through in a gritty, unapologetic in-your-face prose. But he’s not afraid to display an impressively morbid poetic side. The plot is well-thought-out. It is a grimly well paced thrill ride of horror and suspense. You just have to keep turning pages to see what happens next. His parallels to the modern story and the biblical text of the last days of Jesus are inventive and inspired, in a grotesque deformed sort of way. There is material here that I’m sure would cause religious conservatives to say, “There is blasphemy here that would make Jesus roll over in his grave (you know, if he hadn’t already risen from the dead)!” Yet, there is a strong, revery that shows a certain connection to faith. Personally as an agnostic, I would have enjoyed the book more if Rage had avoided the religious connections and just stuck with a straight vampire story. But that’s just my personal opinion. There is a religious connection that comes together as the book rolls along, but it is still a graphic, nasty horror tale with vampires, drug lords and even a little sex. Rage’s command of story and pacing shows a lot of promise for the future. And although I’d like to see him stick to more strictly secular horror stories, this is a brutal, graphic author I’d like to see more from. As someone who enjoys graphic, explicit horror, I can strongly recommend this book…and keep ’em coming, Steven! Never let your fangs go dry!

Product Description

Pontius Pilate is cursed to be a vampire. Life after life after life.

PILATE is a drug lord vampire in this re-telling of Christ‘s final days. When given yet another chance to save the Earth’s latest Christ, will the re-incarnated Pilate choose to protect Her? Or, will he wash his hands once again? Be warned: The Harbor is wicked. The violence is graphic. The sex is brutal and the terror is palpable. PILATE is not your parents’ bible story….
Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.
from Chapter 39…. The man standing before Judas was eight feet tall, if he was an inch. He stood there, watching the dead vampire. The man’s stare made Judas feel he was a used car, bought for a song. He stood at the edge of the stand of trees.
“Who are you?” Judas asked, afraid. The obscenely tall man looked down at him.

“I am the Piper,” Lucifer replied. “I am here to get paid.”

With that the Mighty One turned on heel. Enormous footprints sinking inches into the grassy parkland followed him as he melted into the night. Satan went now to prepare a special spot for Judas Iscariot. A nice chilly spot shall be reserved for the damned vampire in the Pit of Despair. Where he shall be tormented: day and night, for all time. Until Judas begs for the pain like a warm glass of milk and forgets who he ever was.

A rustling came from the park trees, high up in them. Judas’ eyes darted up and he saw them.

“Now is time,” Judas heard them say. They tumbled down from the trees.

The three demons hit the ground running. They converged on Judas’ shoulders. One demon slid itself around to the vampire’s face and grabbed hold of both ears. The demon shoved it in and furiously thrust the vampire’s lipless mouth. The demon pumped maniacally, quickly ejaculating. Clumps of greenish/brown rocketed out Judas’ nose. His muffled, gagging protest coincided with tree roots erupting from spongy earth. The tree roots slid up over his hands and feet. The roots tugged them tight to the ground.

Judas struggled in vain as the other two buried claws in his skull. They were going to drink of the soup his fatal stroke had cooked up for them. The demons planned to rip Judas to shreds and dig in his brains with their forked tongues.

As soon as they could pry the lid off.

PILATE: A Brutal Bible Tale
PILATE: A Brutal Bible Tale by Steven Rage (Paperback – January 5, 2008)
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