Cover of "PILATE: A Brutal Bible Tale"

Cover of PILATE: A Brutal Bible Tale

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Re-written from “PILATE: A Brutal Bible Tale” in first person, present tense, [[ASIN:B003Z4K2YC The Fall of a Blood Drinking Drug Dealer PG-13 version]] is where the Brutal Bible Tales began: Pontius Pilate is cursed to be a vampire: Life after life after life. PILATE is a drug lord vampire in this re-telling of Christ‘s final days. When given yet another chance to save the Earth’s latest Christ, will the re-incarnated Pilate choose to protect Her? Or, will he wash his hands once again? EDITED  for a short PG-13 Harbor experience. On KINDLE  at

AN EXCERPT of ‘The Fall of a Blood Drinking Drug Dealer’

This mess goes down first :

The runner ended his call and shoved the phone deep down in a pocket of his

“I talked to his Second, Juan. He say Pilate gonna come now,” the boy
warned the dirty cop. “And he gonna come hard.”

“Let him bring his ass down here,” bragged Theodosius, “save me a step.
He.ll get what he.s come for, on the real. Meantime,” he continued, “Herod
wants me to get hold of him. I.ll have my boys pay his lair a visit, see what we

Pilate.s runner stood and waited. He felt regret for what he was doing,
but what the hell, he thought. It.s a dog eat dog world, you know, and it.s better
to get paid then to get dead.

“Where.s his hole at, where he lay?” Theodosius asked and the boy told
him. “You sure it.s his?”

“Like I say, I followed the girl, Mary, this one time. She.s not too bright,
this chick, she never even looked for a tail. I followed her and she led me to the
old church. I have a feeling Pilate has other places where he stay, but that.s the
only one I know of for sure.”

“Alright,” Theodosius said and peeled the boy off a few hundreds. “I
want you to vanish for a week. Then you can come back and run for me.”

“A clocker?” the boy asked, disappointed, “still? What happened to a
promotion, man? That.s what I expected.”

“To me, to my way of thinking, you ain.t done anything. You just jumped
sides and dropped loyalty at the first chance you got.” He grabbed the boy by his
shirtfront. “My offer.s the only one on the table right now, which makes it the
best offer on the table. And that.s better than catching a bullet in the back of your
head. Which is just what the vampire.s gonna do when he catches wind of this.
So, concerning your short-term safety, hooking up with my crew is the only choice
you have. Or am I wrong about that?”

He put his hands up in surrender. He quickly agreed with the logic as
well as his terms of employment. His head started nodding so obsequious fast
now that Theodosius thought the boy had a bobble spring in there.

“Good,” Theodosius said. He released the boy. “Now go, and don.t
come back for a week.”

The runner nodded once and ran off. Theodosius watched him go. He
was reveling in his new spirit of industry. He turned and went back to his crew,
where he paused to rub his hands together in greedy anticipation.

This is going to be a night to remember,” he told them. They all agreed.
Theodosius sent four of his big-ass, bad-ass dirty cops to the old church to see if
they can locate the elusive blood drinking drug dealer. That Pilate was a specter.
His exploits and ruthlessness were so ingrained and legendary in The Harbor,
that Theodosius doubted very much he even existed. And if Pilate did exist, he.s
sure the gruesome vampire tales were way overblown.

Theodosius and his crew already were accepted as replacements for
Pilate.s people by the junkies that stood restless-waiting on the corner. The
fiends lined up in a jumpy queue, anxious for their dinner. They didn.t care who
fed them, as long as they got their Plata and got high on the quick. Or else the
marching bugs will start running beneath their skin again, tickling and itching
where not one of them can reach.

Theodosius smiled. Drugs were slung. Customers left happy while a
seemingly endless wave of Plata fiends kept coming to the corner in a steady stream.

The sun slid silky toward the horizon …  

Or, if you prefer the OG version, get PILATE: "A Brutal Bible Tale", Outskirts Press, 2008 The original Brutal Bible Tale. Available in PRINT and KINDLE editions.



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