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“Get on the Rage train”. Jordan Krall, Squid Pulp Blues.
“The hard stuff”. Garrett Cook, Archelon Ranch.
“Steven Rage is a masterful storyteller”. Eric Mays, Naked Metamorphosis. –Freaks Just Love The Reverend

“Rage has created an incredibly creative and detailed, though disturbing world”. Todd Fonseca, The Time Cavern. –Todd Fonseca, The Time Cavern.
Product Description
Please note: The fictional world of RAGE contains graphic violence, illicit drug use, non-consensual extreme sex, and potentially offensive material given the religious references.

Thank you most sincerely for your interest in the work of RAGE. The following primer is a chilling stew of characters, situations and backgrounds that permeate my first half-dozen books. It is an introduction to my world and you are most welcome. Enter of your own free will:


Surest Way I Know How
Blood and Bubblegum
Shirk Comes Calling
Meet Pilate
Uncle Tugmunkee
About the Author
Interview the Reverend
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About the Author
“Steven Rage spits out his view of a twisted world that is deeply woven with the intricacies of a dark, drug-infested place ruled by evil forces. Rage explores the depths of sin, the way it stains our lives, and graphically illustrates the things we fear most. He forces us to look at true sin, true villainy, and truly offensive images of alternative realities. Rage creates a dismal post-industrial future, a look at man defiled and in decline. Evil has arrived. Dominion has been taken by those who walk as the damned, demons, Halflings, products of debauched rampages and sins against nature. Drugs and broken souls are the only things of value. Life is more like a disease, and the only salvation is the right amount of Plata to numb the conscience and, if one is lucky, to bring on a cleverly disguised demise. Through the sheer shock of his presentation, Rage forces readers to consider the alternatives, to look at the garbage in the streets, to see what is swept into the gutters at night right before all decent people awake to see another cleaned up version of the day. He uses tradition to break tradition, to push the imagination in ways that are uncomfortable at the least and border on the offensive at worst. Yet, in doing so, he illustrates what real Love is. Rage has created an incredibly detailed and disturbing world of unique, creative, fast paced, brutal, dark, and bizarre novels that are not for the feint of heart.”