A Worthless Nobody

No one cares, No one wants me, I’m useless, Pathetic, A worthless nobody.

Wandering these empty streets, Looking for what I know,

Does not exist. My hearts ceases to beat, So I reach inside  

myself, And pull it out.

I hold it at eye level, And open my mouth, I scream,


YOU PIECE OF SHIT, I throw it against the wall, And

watch it burst, I utter a small chuckle, And fall to the floor,

Smiling, At the fact that, Im finally free.

Free from the shackles, That once bound me to the wall,

Free, At last.

I close my tired eyes, Never to open them again.

-Victoria Borowski


My boy had to pee. The crowd was thick, pressing in on us from all sides. We could not move, let alone leave to find a porta-potty.

Getting quite concerned, my boy began moaning. His eyes teared up. It tore at me.

So, I picked my little man up and held him close. Whispering in his ear I said:

“Go potty, son. I will clean us both up later.”

My boy complied. His smile had made it most worthwhile.

I hugged him all the more.

He hugged me back. It was a delightful day, despite the wet.

-Sol T. Nutz


The replication of errant cells proliferated in Joe’s body. By the time any symptoms were noticed, Joe’s prognosis was nil. With only a few weeks of life remaining, Joe emptied out his bank accounts. He visited a gun and ammo shop downtown. The Arlington movie theater stood solid, right next to the gun shop. He left to go next door. Joe bought a ticket and slipped inside. He took a seat behind a laughing man. “I swear on all that is holy, if that bald old fuck doesn’t shut his fly-trap, I’m gonna stab him in the left ear.” Joe didn’t find the film amusing at all. He grimaced as he fondled the loaded revolver. Joe destroyed the cancer. It just wasn’t his.

Dirk Diggler

A man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world. It was a perfect act.

Mohandas Gandhi



There is no business like show business. You know this. You seek your fame and fortune in the usual ways.

The agent promises to make you a star and have your name up in big, bright lights.

“What are you willing to do,” ponders the agent.

“Anything and everything,” you reply, “even if it means sleeping with you.”

“I see,” the agent replied. “Take your clothes off then.”

You comply. Your penis is even partially erect.

You try to hide it in your lace silk panties, but can’t. Your testicles dangle free.

The agent does not even care.                                      -Al Dente


I welcome death, With open arms, I embrace it strongly. Life is nothing but a fable.

My suicide will mean nothing to anyone.

I leave this world, Bound,  On a journey,

Straight to hell.

I’ll never see the angels,

I’ll never feel happiness again, But that’s ok.

I won’t miss it at all. Pain, Is all I know.

I hope you’ll remember me When I’m gone. Into oblivion I dive, Never to be seen again.

I won’t miss any of you, So see you all in hell.

Victoria Borowski



The most valuable thing I have learned from life is to regret nothing.


– Somerset Maugham




Artist rendering of “Alexander: The Less Then Enthused.”



We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.


– E. M. Forester




The Golden Rule: He who has the biggest stick on the playground, makes the rules.




The Bluesman kicked up dust and pebbles as he skidded to a stop. He was at the intersection’s edge.

The Bluesman did not crave just fame and fortune. He wanted to be a legend in his own lifetime.

A man appeared. He was eight feet tall, if he was an inch. He held all the cards. The wax he cut with the Bluesman was loved and adored by all who heard it.

The dice were loaded.

Two weeks later the Bluesman was dead of a lightning strike. It flashed out of a clear blue sky.

The house always wins.

But by then, the Bluesman was already a legend.             

– Buck Naked