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The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 13

Paperback, 284 pages

Includes the Grim Rev's novella "The Fall of a Blood Drinking Drug Dealer" in its entire!


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This issue of The Ethereal Gazette we have writers Pamela K. Kinney and her artist coming on to do the cover art, Rev. Steven Rage with a gritty vampire novella in its entirely and a presentation of The Black Cat By Edgar Allan Poe with the original artwork by Beardsley. There are more stories than one can shake a stick at in here, and there is one by Hilton Bush which was a referral by a writer from Tabloid Purposes. Artwork in the issue by R.N. Matos the author of Chronicles of the Damned. There will be a true story by the editor in there about a horror that happened when he was nineteen years old and how it played into his psyche. There is something for everyone in the anniversary issue of The Gazette. The artwork on the covers are contributed by S.L. Wickham and the editor (the editor’s drawing was from 2008.)

"It takes a sincerely sick, drug-addled, putrified brain to come up with a world-view this demented."