The Grim Reverend Steven Rage. Read Like The Devil.

Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland (Paperback) 

Daniel Togg led a fairly placid life within McDonaldland, working for The Blessed McDonald’s Corporation like everyone else that’s left in this post-post apocalyptic world. Togg’s doing okay, working his mindless gig, making illegal fire-water out of ketchup packets, until he discovers he is one of the many men-folk who seems to be mutating extra limbs. The females of McDonaldland are gradually turning into wolves, becoming more wolf-like as the women become sexually active. Unfortunately for both groups, the mutations of the men and the sexuality of the women are seen as a threat to the stability and purity of McDonaldland. So, out into the harsh and unforgiving environs of the Wasteland, they go.
Besides trying to avoid all of the apartment building sized alpha wolves, the mutated men (outlanders) and the hyper-violent women (wolf warriors) spend their time trying to…

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