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maskrevratory Therapist and Instructor. The Reverend has been working in hospitals and teaching RT forever. That’s probably the reason why the violence and carnage in his stories have such a visceral reality to it. Rage knows what death looks like. Dying is never pretty when seeing it up close. It’s never like in the movies; it’s never nice. That being said, the Reverend kind of tumbled into all this shit. If truth be known, he doesn’t really want to work in critical care, or be a minister, or even write. What he really wants to do is direct. Amateur porno would be fine. Or maybe become a game show host. Perhaps work with Lepers, blind kids, things like that. Rage originally wanted to be a showgirl, but he was cursed with freakishly narrow ankles, so he had to pursue other means.

“[Heroin in the Magic Now] will definitely leave an indelible mark deep within your soul!”-DIABOLIQUE MAGAZINE “HEROIN IN THE MAGIC NOW is a nightmare on acid. It is beautiful, deep and sad…”-Heather Omen, THE HORROR NATION “One of the most powerful and disturbing… yet incredibly entertaining things… I have read in decades…”-Michael Donner, CREEPERCAST.COM “HEROIN IN THE MAGIC NOW is a super edgy, blood-thirsty tale that made me uncomfortable and left me wanting more. I love this story!”-Zachary Walters, THE MOUTHS OF MADNESS PODCAST “What true horror is all about…”-SCARLET’S WEB “Terry M. West has created an unnerving horrific masterpiece…”-GEEKDOM OF GORE HEROIN IN THE MAGIC NOW is a dark and personal tale by Terry M. West. HEROIN IN THE MAGIC NOW explores pain and hell. The story is set in a dark make-believe New York. The Night Things have climbed onto our shores from the shadows and they are now part of the system. Gary Hack, a down on his luck exploitation film director with an appetite for heroin, finds himself working in the dangerous world of monster fetish videos. Gary is made an offer he can’t refuse by Johnny Stücke, an immortal crime boss. The video Johnny envisions could be the greatest zombie fetish film ever created. But it could also ignite an apocalypse that could destroy the city. HEROIN IN THE MAGIC NOW is original, startling and brutal. BONUS: Included with the first tale is a lengthy preview of HEROIN IN THE MAGIC NOW 2.

Steven Rage‘s review

Aug 31, 14 · 5 of 5 stars

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Read in August, 2014
Heroin in the Magic Now
Review for Terry M. West’s “Heroin in the Magic Now”:


“Undead to Rites. Dog Gone Gore Gag n Reel Time. Purple Johnny Rotten Walker Love Gun Gobble. Double Bubble Bottom Bukaki La La By-n-Buy. Ronnie James Dios Mio Money Maker Shaker. She’s a Dead Ringer Neck. Self-Loathing Lothario Selfie. OrgyGami Gummi Worm Rot. Hell’s Belles. Jenkum Binge. Drinker Dry. Lysergic Lex Luther In Deed (if Not in Thought). Jezus is the Reason for the Seizin’. Zesty Zombie Seasoning. Ouji Board’s Abyss Mall Stare. Fluff The Magic Dragon. Save the Neck for me, Clark. Dig it. Up. Ghouls On Parade. Bling Out Your Dead.”

– The Grim Reverend Steven Rage, Publisher, MorbidbookS. Author of ‘You Morbid Westphal’, et al.

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