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The Official Grim Reverend Steven Rage BLOG Launch!

with The Grim Reverend Steven Rage

Date: 12/3/2010 – 12/3/2010
Time: 9:00am
Location: https://stevenrage.wordpress.com
Category: Horror
Summary: Brought to you from The Most Depraved Writer in Print.

On Friday Dec. 3rd for this event, The Rev. will post in increments the first 10,000 or so words of my novel in progress: ‘PHARMACIDE’. The new stuff is for a wider audience and has been viewed by NO ONE. So if you know my shit and are curious about my (possible) new direction to PG-land, check ‘er out. If you prefer t…he dark and dank, ya Freak, ya… not to worry you can choose to go to NC-17 (and that’s being kind)!!
Invite readers of the freaky word to visit Grimage’s official blog.
Time:9:00AM Friday, December 3rd
“The Most Depraved Writer in Print”. Recognize.


From ‘THE PLACE IN BETWEEN’, a 3 novella collection of the starkest, most

graphic violence and blood laden fiction in PRINT. 

Once you start in on a serious drug collection, the tendancy is to push it as far as you can...Seriously though, 'FucknPunch' is in Europe getting his blood changed out. Pill-Man brings today's gruesome fiction sample.graphic violence and blood laden fiction in PRINT.


“The motel room Sancho got for them was only
a few miles from base, but far enough away
to keep Del from knowing about it. She hoped. Luci
knew he’d kick her ass if she was discovered fucking
around on him again. But Sancho gave her uncut
shit. The most potent crack she had ever smoked.
She’d shake the vial until she heard the rock form.
It clink-clinked around and it’d make her wet. And
then when she was high, all she wanted to do was
fuck. Sancho was, after all, very handsome.
Luci had seen him for the first time at the Tier II
brig. He was striking. Even though Sancho looked like
he’d been to hell and back. She saw him coming out
as she was going in. Despite being underweight, covered
with bruises and a couple of chipped teeth, Luci
was blown away. Sancho was a wounded bird and
Luci definitely had the wounded bird syndrome. The  

Only when you are done fucking around with lame-ass horror. WARNING: extremely visual and graphic. Grown Folks only!

beaten young man looked downtrodden and lost, but
he still smiled a huge, charming smile when he saw
her in the out-processing area. Seeing him looking
so forlorn made the maternal side of her swell. Luci
was coming to sign the paperwork so the military
could bury her ‘father’. Well, sort of a de-facto stepfather:
He was sandwiched between her mother’s 18th
and 20th boyfriend out of 30 or 40 something dudes
before her mother finally died years ago. Luci didn’t
know why Rusty chose her as the next of kin:
“You have girlfriend, Vietnam Joe?”
“Don’t need one, little yella sista. This dumb
bitch left us with her little tight daughter right
here. She’s only half-gook, but slanty enough to get
the job done.”
Maybe he still held on to those woefully pleasant
memories of gang-raping her when she was young.

The Most Depraved Writer in Print. 'Click' to Recognize.

Her mom would be gone somewhere – usually at
work. Rusty would get himself nice and liquored up
and call over some friends. Then he would take her
down to the basement.
Rusty would shed his clothes, the criss-crossed
scars on his chest shining pale white against his red
flushed muscle and skin. He and his buddies would
run trains on Luci like she was some gook whore
they were having fond fevered memories of.
Luci finished squeezing the store-bought douche
up her vagina, trying to rinse Sancho’s seed out of
her. Vague bad memories of telling her mother about
being raped by Rusty and his buddies pushed their
way to the front of Luci’s mind. Showing her how

Morbid's RDA of vitamins, minerals, jejo, smack, X, weed and hash...

to douche properly was her mother’s only response
when she told her about the attacks. They were bad
memories, for sure. But that mean old bastard finally
died. She had the paperwork to prove it.
Luci was going to surprise Del with the proceeds
of the life insurance she was sure Rusty would
have left for her, but there was nothing. A few bits
and pieces of personal effects and not even any
benefits. Rusty ended his military prison
sentence with a Dishonorable Discharge. He would
have lost any benefits Luci might have been entitled
to anyway. What a piece of shit. Fucking Rusty. His
last act was inconveniencing Luci, without even
leaving her anything in return. And when she finally

"PHARMACIDE" is a work-in-progress.

signed all the paperwork and collected his dog
tags, she felt the most uncomfortably horrible feeling
she’d ever had. Her entire body felt ice-cold and her
thinking became muddled. Luci felt like she’d hurt
her back. It was like she had twisted it in some weird
way because her back never did feel right after that.
Then, for the first time in years, the thought of
cocaine became much, much more than the wistful
wishes she’d had since rehab. It became a powerful
lusting urge that morphed into a full-blown obsession.
It happened right there while she was holding
Rusty’s tags and signing paper work. She left the brig
and saw the hang-dog handsome young man waiting
for her. Luci felt an instant relief when she saw
the former sailor. She just knew he’d be able to help
her with her desires. Luci was right on the money.

The Grim Reverend Steven Rage

Sancho knew exactly where to go. It turned out to be
a very good thing that she’d kept her 30 mile drive
secret from Del, after all.
Christ, she thought, still squeezing the douche.
Imagine if Sancho knocked me up. Fuck! She knew
she should have made Sancho wear a raincoat,
but she always got caught up with the crack and
the cock. Luci couldn’t help it. She tried what she
felt was her best to kick the love of cocaine, but its
grip on her was fixed tight. She was fine, she had
thought, following her months of rehab. But not now.
It seemed that these days the monkey clawed at her
constantly. She couldn’t escape its magnetic pull.
Luci realized now that even when she was in rehab,
she was merely going through the motions. Luci
knew Del would never understand. Hell, maybe he
couldn’t. He was such a Dudley fucking Do-Right, he
probably couldn’t even conceptualize doing anything
he wasn’t supposed to. He was a Navy man, after
all, and he was comfortable toeing a straight line
and obeying direct orders. Luci chafed at the very
Out of the shower, Luci dried herself off and got
dressed. She waited impatiently for the anti-anxiety
pill Sancho had given her to kick in. She couldn’t go
home and face Del this twisted but luckily Del never
came home early.”

…end twisted sample.

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“Get on the Rage train”. Jordan Krall, Squid Pulp Blues.
“The hard stuff”. Garrett Cook, Archelon Ranch.
“Steven Rage is a masterful storyteller”. Eric Mays, Naked Metamorphosis. –Freaks Just Love The Reverend

“Rage has created an incredibly creative and detailed, though disturbing world”. Todd Fonseca, The Time Cavern. –Todd Fonseca, The Time Cavern.
Product Description
Please note: The fictional world of RAGE contains graphic violence, illicit drug use, non-consensual extreme sex, and potentially offensive material given the religious references.

Thank you most sincerely for your interest in the work of RAGE. The following primer is a chilling stew of characters, situations and backgrounds that permeate my first half-dozen books. It is an introduction to my world and you are most welcome. Enter of your own free will:


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About the Author
“Steven Rage spits out his view of a twisted world that is deeply woven with the intricacies of a dark, drug-infested place ruled by evil forces. Rage explores the depths of sin, the way it stains our lives, and graphically illustrates the things we fear most. He forces us to look at true sin, true villainy, and truly offensive images of alternative realities. Rage creates a dismal post-industrial future, a look at man defiled and in decline. Evil has arrived. Dominion has been taken by those who walk as the damned, demons, Halflings, products of debauched rampages and sins against nature. Drugs and broken souls are the only things of value. Life is more like a disease, and the only salvation is the right amount of Plata to numb the conscience and, if one is lucky, to bring on a cleverly disguised demise. Through the sheer shock of his presentation, Rage forces readers to consider the alternatives, to look at the garbage in the streets, to see what is swept into the gutters at night right before all decent people awake to see another cleaned up version of the day. He uses tradition to break tradition, to push the imagination in ways that are uncomfortable at the least and border on the offensive at worst. Yet, in doing so, he illustrates what real Love is. Rage has created an incredibly detailed and disturbing world of unique, creative, fast paced, brutal, dark, and bizarre novels that are not for the feint of heart.”

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