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“Oh Ancient and Glorious One I call to thee. From the age before the heaven and the earth were lifted to their places. In the time before time you have reigned,” spoke the human male. The room was dark candle-lit and smoky with thick waves of incense. Whispers and sudden muted shrieks were heard from the invisible forces. The gate opened wide. “Before there was light when darkness stained existence,” he called out. He unsheathed the dagger and presented it skyward. “You have reigned. Before the Sun and the Moon,” he said, “before the holy mother dried and gave forth life, you have reigned.” The noises through the spiritual door grew stronger and louder. The dark magic brought forth cold and palpable presence. A stab of raw fear clutched the human’s yammering heart. His breath fogged thick in front of him. “I call out to thee, oh Ancient One who threatens from Without. The Lord of Darkness, the Master of Chaos, the Unborn and Most Beloved. Come to me,” he called still, “The Dog God, the Dragon God, the Sea Monster, the Master of Magicians. I implore thee. Hear my plea. I pledge to you my life. I give to you my will, oh Mighty One, if only you make your presence known,” the father said. He sliced open his muscled chest. Blood dripped onto the male child splayed helpless before him. “I offer up my only son’s precious soul. To be your slave, work your will. To do as you please. I give him to you, oh Morning Star, oh Lucifer. Be there blessings to me. I beseech thee, Lord. In return I pledge eternal obedience to you. All the power and all the glory shall be unto thee and so it must be. Until the most holy day when you ascend the Ladder of Lights and ride in triumph through the gates of the Sacred City,” he proclaimed loudly. He paused a moment to catch his breath. “I await your command,” he continued, “I seek only to serve your whim.” He pointed the dagger tip downward and held the sharp blade aloft. He looked down at the babe before him. The room was chilly and full. He could feel unseen creatures slithering around him. They were touching his naked skin and tickling his middle, “A servant or sacrifice!” the bloody, wriggling infant’s father called out. He raised the sharpened dagger as high as he could above his son. He held it tight with clenched hands. He waited to plunge it deep in his baby’s breast.
“Spare him,” a voice behind the human commanded. He lowered the blade, but he dared not turn around. He knew the devil was there right behind him. And although he worshipped the Fallen Angel with all his heart and mind he did not want to face him. The Diabolous stood eight feet tall. He rose up through the portal of the chalked pentagram on the floor and stood before his quaking servant. “He shall be mine.”

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Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping

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Step Aside, Passion Of The Christ!, March 30, 2010
By A. A. A. (Illinois, U.S.A.) – See all my reviews

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This review is from: PILATE: A Brutal Bible Tale (Kindle Edition)

“This is a highly imaginative and entertaining story, and it would most certainly make a fascinating, earth shattering film!!! I think that if Pilate: A Brutal Bible Tale was made into a movie (or movies, preferably), we would see Mel Gibson crying, humbled, and worshiping at the feet of the almighty Reverend Steven Rage! Any film makers out there would easily stand to make a fortune working with Reverend Rage and putting his visions on film! This brilliant and inventive book is about good, evil, redemption, punishment, salvation, and the second coming of Christ (with disciples, Herod, and of course Pilate) set in modern times. Reverend Steven Rage’s gripping portrayal of good and evil forces the reader to see both sides with accurate and equal clarity. Unlike most stories based on Christianity, Pilate: A Brutal Bible Tale urges the reader to witness the evils and horrors in our world uncensored. The good Reverend Rage does not down play the evils of today, and he re-enforces the fact that there is no good without evil (and vice-versa) in this thrilling tale. Reading this book is maximum enjoyment from the very first page right on through to the last, and it will definitely make you hungry for more of Reverend Rage’s written gold! Pilate: A Brutal Bible Tale is so enthralling from beginning to end, that it’s difficult for me to say what I liked best about it, because there is not one single thing that I disliked about it! I think that what really grabbed me was Reverend Rage’s description of the Christ and the environment that She was born and raised in. Kudos to Reverend Rage for placing Her exactly where She would be needed the most! Another thing that tickled my fancy about the Christ in this story was that She did not condemn marijuana as a dangerous drug. She agreed with her disciple who said that marijuana is truly a gift from heaven. She, instead, focuses all of Her efforts into curing and saving the poor souls who are killing themselves with their awful and sinful plata addictions. (Plata is yet another creative Reverend Steven Rage invention based upon his actual medical knowledge of how the real dangerous drugs out there today will kill people.) Speaking of Reverend Rage’s medical knowledge, I recommend that the readers of my review who are unfamiliar with this author, his writing style, and especially his real life background should search “Reverend Steven Rage” or “Steven Rage” here on amazon.com or even google him. Read his reviews, read his interviews, read his own product descriptions, and again, definitely take the time to learn about his real life background. I, for one, am absolutely amazed that this is Reverend Rage’s first book because it’s just that good! It’s utterly amazing that he put this book out pretty much all on his own AFTER working long, hard hours at his job to pay the bills and support his family. Also, it’s amazing that there’s no major errors in this whole book! Everything is he writes is medically accurate, by the way. There are very few minor errors like missing and’s and the’s in this book. (Which did not slow me down or confuse me, incidentally.) I ask any review readers who are put off by a few absent words (Which, again, in my opinion are not vital to the story and not at all difficult to maneuver around.), to imagine how hard it must surely be to publish a book all by yourself while holding down a demanding job to provide for your family. Please respect this genius, hard working author’s DIY (do it yourself) status at the time this book was published. Reverend Rage did not have the literary support that authors like Charlaine Harris, Laurell K. Hamilton, and many other best selling authors have, though I believe it’s only a matter of time before he has the backing to equal those writers. In fact, I’ve read books by some of the afore mentioned best selling authors that had plenty of errors in their books, and I’ve noticed that no one said “boo” about the grammatical errors in their book reviews for these best sellers. I am confident that people will soon stand up and take note of Reverend Rage’s innovations, and he will gain the reverence that he deserves! This book, as it stands, is more than worth the humble price that the good Reverend Rage is asking! I hope that you will do your homework on Reverend Steven Rage, and that you will read his all of his books. I know that if you do these things, you will find that he is more than worthy of our support and your research time!”


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